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5 Key Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, a captivating Eastern European nation, has emerged as a haven for savvy real estate investors seeking to capitalise on its burgeoning market and promising future. With a compelling combination of affordability, strong fundamentals, and stable economic conditions, investing in Bulgarian real estate presents a unique opportunity to enhance wealth and secure a stable future.

1. Surging Wage Growth

Bulgaria boasts the second-highest wage growth in the European Union, averaging an astonishing 12.5% per annum over the past five years. The strong economic expansion is fueling rising household incomes, propelling demand for quality housing. As the country continues its modernization and economic expansion, the demand for real estate is expected to remain robust, supporting property values and investment returns.

2. Exceptional Value for Money

Bulgarian real estate offers exceptional value compared to other European countries. The average price per square metre in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia is currently around €1600, significantly lower than the EU average of €2,500. This affordability makes it an attractive investment destination for those seeking to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to a growing European market.

3. Positive Migration Dynamics

The immigration profile of Bulgaria further enhances the outlook for real estate investment. Unlike many European nations, in 2022 Bulgaria had a positive net migration rate, with more people moving to the country than leaving it. This influx of new residents is creating a strong demand for rental accommodation, particularly in major cities, which is translating into higher rental yields for investors.

4. Competitive Rental Yields

The average rental yield for properties in Bulgaria is around 5%, significantly above the average for the EU. This means that investors can earn a relatively high return on their investments, even in the absence of significant capital growth. The rental market is diverse, catering to both long-term tenants and short-term holidaymakers, providing investors with flexibility and stability in their income streams.

5. Stable Currency and Tax Advantages

The Bulgarian lev, the country's currency, is linked to the euro, providing investors with a sense of security and predictability. Additionally, the country's tax regime is favourable for real estate investors, with low property taxes and generous tax deductions. This makes Bulgaria an attractive destination for both domestic and international investors seeking to maximise their returns with minimal tax burdens.


Bulgaria offers a compelling investment landscape for those seeking to diversify their portfolios and benefit from the country's strong economic fundamentals, and stable economic environment. With its affordability, positive migration trends, competitive rental yields, stable currency, and favourable tax regime, Bulgaria stands out as a promising destination for property investments. Whether you're an experienced investor or a newcomer to the market, investing in Bulgarian real estate can be a wise decision with the potential to yield significant returns and secure your financial future.

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