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The Most Promising Fintech Companies in Nigeria

Fintech is one of Nigeria's hottest startup sectors and it has attracted the attention of many global investors like Base10 Partners and Khosla Ventures. Nigerian fintech companies obtained 42% of the total funding raised by startups from the sector on the whole continent (Q2 2023). The prospects for fintech startups in Africa remain bright and the top companies are likely to continue their stellar growth, despite the global slowdown. 

Here is a list of the most promising fintech firms in Nigeria in 2023.


OPay is a mobile payment platform that provides a range of financial and related services. It is available in several countries, including Nigeria, where it has a large network of merchants and registered app users. The platform is designed to make payments, transfers, and savings easier and more rewarding for its users. It also offers cashback on airtime and data top-ups. 


Flutterwave is a payment platform that offers a wide range of financial services to businesses, individuals, and startups. It provides a variety of secure payment methods, allowing users to easily receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world. The platform also features an online checkout system, designed to increase revenue and improve the payment experience for customers. With its advanced fraud detection and strong encryption, Flutterwave ensures that users’ data and transactions are secure.


Moove is a fintech start-up founded by Jide Odunsi and Ladi Delano in 2020. The firm was created to solve the problem faced by millions of African drivers - the lack of access to vehicle financing. Moove leverages technology and analytics to build a fully integrated vehicle financing platform for mobility entrepreneurs. The company’s mission is to democratize access to vehicle ownership and empower mobility entrepreneurs.


Kuda is a Nigerian fintech company that operates as a digital-only bank, with no physical locations. The platform is designed to be easy to use, with a mobile app that allows users to manage their money on their phones.


Nomba is a Nigerian fintech company that provides tools for businesses to manage sales, money, and payments without hurdles. The company was launched in 2017 as “”, a chatbot that responds to financial requests on social apps. Nomba has over 250 employees processing more than $500 million in payments every month for more than 150k businesses. Its mission is to enable economic prosperity by enabling businesses to run efficiently and achieve their goals.

Moniepoint (TeamApt)

Moniepoint is a financial service company that offers digital banking and payment platforms for transactions. The Lagos-based company is aiming to raise about $150 million and is already receiving interest from Western venture capital investors.


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If you need more information about these companies, you can visit their websites or get in touch with them.

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