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5 Top-performing real estate stocks - Updated Quarterly

Investing in real estate companies is a great way to get exposure to this booming sector. That’s why we have created a list of the best-performing real estate stocks in the past quarter. We cannot guarantee that these stocks will continue to perform well but probably you have heard the famous investment saying “The trend is your friend”.

Company: InnSuites Hospitality Trust

Stock price: $2.99

Market capitalization: $27.45 million

Price performance (last 3M): 92.9%

Overview: Founded in 1977, InnSuites Hospitality Trust is a real estate asset management company that specializes in hospitality and hotel investments. The company focuses on acquiring and managing lodging assets for individual and institutional investors. Its portfolio includes hotels, resorts, timeshares, and other real estate properties. It offers a wide range of services to its clients such as property management, asset management, acquisition and dispositions, refinancing, capital raises, and financing. The company also provides tenant services which include licensing, marketing, and ongoing support for their investments.

Company: Comstock Inc

Stock price: $0.65

Market capitalization: $66.41 million

Price performance (last 3M): 79.61%

Overview: Comstock Inc. is an innovative technology company that offers a range of services, products, and solutions. Through its cloud-based technology platform, they provide web development, digital marketing, and analytics solutions to companies of all sizes. In addition, they offer cutting-edge technology and services that help businesses maximize their marketing strategy and get the most out of the online space. Comstock Inc. strives to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to ensuring client success by providing the latest technological tools and expertise.

Company: Opendoor Technologies Inc.

Stock price: $2.46

Market capitalization: $1.6 billion

Price performance (last 3M): 69.07%

Overview: Opendoor Technologies Inc is an online real estate platform that simplifies the home buying and selling process. Through their streamlined and secure platform, people can buy, sell, and trade their homes without the hassle and delays of traditional real estate transactions. Opendoor Technologies Inc provides customers with options like digital tours, services like title insurance, and cash offers. They also offer financial benefits, such as loans and mortgages, making the process of buying and selling a home easier and more efficient.

Company: Leju Holdings Limited

Stock price: $1.9

Market capitalization: $26.06 million 

Price performance (last 3M): 62.39%

Overview: Leju Holdings Limited is a leading online-to-offline (O2O) real estate services provider in China. The company provides property trading services, home furnishing services, real estate-related financial services and other value-added services. Headquartered in Beijing, Leju operates in major cities throughout China, with more than 1,000 regional offices nationwide. It has an extensive network of agents, developers, property owners and other strategic partners to help improve the house-buying experience for consumers.

Company: Fathom Holdings Inc.

Stock price: $6.5

Market capitalization: $117.46 million

Price performance (last 3M): 57.38%

Overview: Fathom Holdings Inc. is a real estate investment and asset management company specializing in multifamily apartment buildings. They focus on value-add investments ranging from full renovation projects to tenant occupancy to light refurbishments and stabilization. The company acquires, manages, and operates apartment complexes, with a view to maximizing both short and long-term profits. They offer in-depth experience in asset management, capital markets, financial management, and asset value optimization.

Last update: 07/05/2023

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