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Year founded: 2014

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia

Technology rating (Google): 72/100

Google rating: 2.8/5 (32 reviews)

Trust Pilot rating: 2/5 (65 reviews)

Recent user reviews:

- Since they have updated their platform I lost my investment account. They do not respond to emails and phone calls, seems like a scam platform

- Most of their investments are failing. Probably due to poor due diligence and lack of responsibility towards investors.

Summary: CrowdEstate is a pan-European real estate investment app that allows users to invest in real estate projects. It allows private and institutional investors to invest in real estate. All investments are accessible through their easy-to-use platform and supported by a team of analysts. 

Verdict: CrowdEstate has good technology, but its service is poor. There is a very high chance of losing your money if you invest through this platform. 


Year founded: 2013

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia

Technology rating (Google): 27/100

Google rating: 2.4/5  (65 reviews)

Recent user reviews:

- 2 different loans since 2021 both went into default, did not even get a single interest payment. Kind of balsy of them asking for fees if they can't even arrange one interest payment while losing my initial investment. And then being rude to me when I asked them actual information about the loan and not their untruthful loan updates. Don't use this platform. If I could give less stars I would. Any 5 star reviews are employees by the way.

- >70% of my projects are in default now. From 2000€ investment I have only 550€ back after almost three years. Defaults have been ongoing for years and nothing happens. Total scam. The annual return mentioned here by a few people doesn't actually include defaults so they're being fooled. Stay away.

Trust Pilot rating: 3.5 (704)

Summary:Estateguru is a real estate crowdfunding platform that connects real estate investors with real estate investment opportunities in Europe. The platform provides comprehensive information on investment opportunities and portfolio management tools. 

Verdict: Avoid this company unless you want to lose your money.


Year founded: 2015

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

Technology rating (Google): 42/100

Google rating: 3.3 / 5 (729 reviews)

Recent user reviews:

- Never ever use Housers. Your money would be better spent in a casino.I invested in +6 projects and not even one returned the money. And then on top of everything, a monthly commission of 2,5 euros which is even offensive to the customer.Literally, never seeing a worse company.

- The champions of failed investments. And on top of that, they charge commissions for doing nothing. 6 years waiting..

Trust Pilot rating: 3.4/5 (1193 reviews)

Summary: Housers is an online real estate investment platform that allows users to invest in income-producing real estate and receive returns from rental income and capital gains. The platform is designed to make investing in income-producing real estate simple and accessible to anyone, from first-time investors to experienced professionals., Users from anywhere in the world can invest in residential and commercial properties through their online platform. They offer many services ranging from due diligence and market analysis to asset management and loan origination.

Verdict: Housers offers a better service than Crowdestate and Estateguru, but the quality of their service is not great. We would avoid this platform.

London House Exchange (formerly Property Partner)

Year founded: 2014

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Technology rating (Google): 44/100

Google rating: 2.1 / 5 (31 reviews)

Recent user reviews: 

- Avoid Property Partner. Invested in several of their development loans which are now years over due repayment. It seems they have no intention of paying investors back. Scam company

- Absolute scam, 7 years I've been trying to get money out and no one willing to help. Hopefully they will get hacked.

Trust Pilot rating: 2.3 / 5 (399 reviews)

Summary: London House Exchange is a real estate crowdfunding platform in the UK that allows you to invest in UK properties with an investment of just £1,000. The platform claims that it "offers a simple way to invest in the UK real estate market without needing to purchase an entire property".

Verdict: This is a very unreliable company, and it won't be easy to receive your money back if you invest through their platform.


Year founded: 2017

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia

Technology rating (Google): 35/100

Google rating: 1/5 (8 reviews)

Recent user reviews:

  • All the projects in my portfolio are showing monstrous delays and no communication from reinvest24 for more than 6 months! Metropolis project in Chisinau is a disaster ! Do not invest with them if you want to keep your money…

  • No investment pays interest. They are all late. No explanation on their site about delays.

Trust Pilot rating: 3 / 5 (130 reviews)

Summary: Reinvest24 is a real estate investment platform that allows users to invest in properties and earn returns from rental income and capital growth. The platform offers a transparent and secure way to invest in real estate, with investments secured by a mortgage held by a collateral agent in favor of the investors. Users can sell their claim units at any time on the marketplace and receive their money along with earned dividends.

Verdict: It seems that there are big delays with interest payments and the communication is poor. There are no good reasons for making investments through this platform.


Year founded: 2016

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia

Technology rating (Google): 61/100

Google rating: NA

Recent user reviews:

  • After 3 weeks, withdrawn money (only 30 EUR) still ist not in my account. Even after several email reminders. Calling them +371 24 202 024 doesn't help, nobody answers. Also, there are almost no more new projects, so where will the salaries of their employees come from? I guess they don't have any more. Moreover, they have not provided ANY updates about the stuck projects for months.

  • I want to alert all users who may be considering investing with them about my unfortunate experience.I made a deposit of 3,781.83 euros, but the amount never appeared in my Bulkestate account. Despite my efforts and countless emails, they provided vague responses claiming that the money was deposited without specifying where. However, to date, the funds have not appeared in my Bulkestate account or been returned to my bank.

Trust Pilot rating: 2.3/5 (111)

Summary: Bulkestate is a real estate crowdfunding platform based in Estonia. The platform allows private investors to invest in real estate development projects and buy properties for as little as €50. Bulkestate focuses on funding real estate development projects with high returns and also offers investors the opportunity to buy deals in groups to acquire apartments at wholesale prices.

Verdict: Bulkestate is not a trustworthy company and it is not safe to invest your money in the projects that they offer.

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