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10 most important factors when choosing a city for real estate investment

Property prices vary significantly across countries/cities and there are many reasons for that. Undoubtedly, living in a big city like London is very different from living in a small city like Sheffield. Some people might enjoy life in Sheffield but the infrastructure in London is much more developed and there are virtually unlimited opportunities for career development.

According to a recent study of people involved in the real estate sector, the 10 most important factors when selecting a city are

  1. Transport connectivity (important for 95% of respondents)

  2. Economic performance of a city (94%)

  3. Forecasted real estate returns (93%)

  4. Market size and liquidity (91%)

  5. Availability of opportunities for new development (89%)

  6. Regulatory environment (85%)

  7. Attractiveness to talent (85%)

  8. Local active and smart transport connectivity ( 82%)

  9. Digital connectivity (81%)

  10. Real estate affordability (67%)

Source: PwC (2022)

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