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How Much Do Real Estate Agents Around the World Earn?

Many people complain that real estate agents charge very high commissions but the reality is that their job is not easy. Studies report that between 87% and 95% of real estate agents quit their job within 5 years and the fees that agents charge might actually be reasonable. We searched for data on real estate agent salaries/commissions across countries but we couldn’t find good, reliable and recent data. That is why, we decided to conduct independent research and share with you some of our findings.

 - Real estate agents' salaries in absolute terms are highest in US and lowest in India

Globally real estate agents receive salaries that are below the average across all industries (12-15% lower)

Only real estate agents in China and South Korea earn more compared to people in other sectors.

The annual salary of real estate agents in New York is equal to approximately 8% of the price of an apartment with a size of 82 sq meters (city average) in the center or 12% of an apartment outside the center.

Real estate agents in New York sell less than 6 apartments per year on average


We conclude that the compensation that real estate agents receive in most countries is fair.

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